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April 4, 2011, 4:49 pm
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Hello reader of this blog,

This Wednesday (4/6) at 10 pm none other than the complete messes known to some as “kicking spit” will be on the “Fun House with Dan and CJ” radio show on 90.3 fm “the core”. We will be “guest DJ-ing” and playing some new songs off of the now officially tankcrimes released “psychrockbullshit” and of course filling your brain with inane banter. Set yr radio “left of the dial” so to speak! To listen online check out:

Other than an over use of quotation marks I’m also makin this blog post to write about our next show, which is this Friday:


POLLUTION – Brooklyn
WHITE LUNG – on tour from Vancouver
RATIONAL ANIMALS – Hardcore Punk from Upstate.
NATURAL LAW – Great Hardcore band, with a killer 7″ on Katorga Works Records
KICKING SPIT – Hardcore Punk from New Brunswick

Friday, April 8th – 8pm – All Ages
@ Acheron
57 Waterbury St
Brooklyn, NY

some of you may be aware of the guitar antics of one “whammy bar” will of rational animals fame/ fortune. word on the street is he built his own guitar from dumpster ed trash on the side of rot-chester ny and now alleges to have magic sexual powers. should be an interesting turn of events.


Our record release show is also this month.

Tuesday, April 19

@ THE LOFT, New Brunswick NJ


NEON PISS (members of ringers, on tour from california)


and another band with erin and john in it who still dont have a name. apparently sounds somewhat like big black? idk should be cool times!

7 pm, 5 bucks!

next shows after that will be an out of town weekend.

friday April 29, @ Legion Bar

790 Metropolitan Avenue NY 11211

w. GDP and other cool bands tba. There will be a rad afterparty

Saturday April 30 @ Wacky Kastle… Allston, MASS

w. The Scamps

Sunday May 1 @ TBA Worcester MASS

…more info on that soon for real i promise

Also next month ANS will be in town to eat all of my food and make my apartment smell like poop and skateboards. We are playing with them on this show:

Saturday, May 14

@ The LOFT, New Brunswick, NJ


….. also next month we are playing Pittsburgh and FORWARD OHIO FEST and somewhere between there and home. We’ll figure it out, i guess.

This is the part of the blog where i should say something witty but i have nothing cool to say. So heres a picture of the new record:

Pretty cool. Thanks Tankcrimes!

Front cover art by Perry Shall ( and back cover by Zack Arrington ( Two total butt heads coming together unknowingly for a record neither of them own. Beautiful.

If you want this record or you want to tell us we are stupid here is our email:

you can listen to it for free here at the new tankcrimes download page



Shows and downloads and stuff
March 10, 2011, 5:47 pm
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Hello blog people,

We have a bunch of shows coming up so I’ll list them here. I’ll also update the info as it comes up. We are going to be playing a lot out of state in the next few months so hit us up at if you want us to come play yr city.


11 – Friday – @ Warren American Legion, 12 Community Place Warren NJ 07059
w. Lost Weekend, Shards (North Carolina)

18 – Friday – @ The Alamo
New Brunswick NJ 08901
w/ Occult Detective Club (Texas), Dont Wake Up, Trash Ride

19 – Saturday – @Stolen Sleeves Collective, 538 Johnston, Brooklyn NYC
w/ ODC, Big Eyes


19 – Tuesday – @The Loft, New Brunswick, NJ
w/ neon piss, john slover’s new band +1 (california)

29 – Friday – @ Legion Bar NYC w/ GDP

30 – Saturday – @ Wacky Kastle, ALLSTON, MASS w/ the scamps


1 – Sunday – Worcester (info TBA)

14 – Saturday @ the LOFT, New Brunswick, NJ
w. ANS, Seasick, Big Eyes

20 – Friday – Pittsburgh (info TBA)

21 – Saturay – FORWARD OHIO FEST- @ The Union, 18 West Union Street,
Athens, OH 45701
w. a bunch of rad bands


… we are also on the new “Dead Broke Records” Tape comp. Check that out here:

And we have some songs streaming on the brand new Tankcrimes Records downloads page:

“Psychrockbullshit” will be available from Tankcrimes and from us April 12 on LP and CD.

We are still working on writing that LP. Its going well.


yo what up
January 24, 2011, 8:09 pm
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hello reader of this blog,

its been a while since we have posted anything. we have some shows coming up in ny and nj with texas boys “occult detective club” and maybe some other shows. more info on that soon.

we will also be playing the “forward ohio” festival in may which also features such punk luminaries as natural law, in defence, masakari, new creases and the return of my revenge. i was at the “last show” of my revenge and it was pretty wyld.

pressing of psychrockbullshit on lp and cd are at the plant according to eccentric billionaire scott karate. we are still writing for that lp, and will probably be releasing a single before that. split with look alikes knifey spoony delayed due to steve o and i not being able to figure out who is who, and also that we are dumbasses.

april tour plans to be posted soon, and probably some other out of state weekends.

our song “sea of swirls” has also recently surfaced on a comp called “friends with benefits” thanks to the good people at love/hate records. here is a link:

so yea thats it for now. more info to come as always. on a more personal note that new husker du book is pretty interesting.

also if you want us to play your show for some reason, or if you want to tell us we suck and that you are real smart and cool; email us at

until then may the schwartz be with you.

–sleeve jacket

show in nyc friday & its cold out
December 9, 2010, 5:26 pm
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hello loyal reader of this blog. perhaps it would be appropriate to mention that we are playing in new york tomorrow. here is the info:
@ Shea Stadium
L to Lorimer




should be fun, im pretty sure this is in a warehouse or something so thats hip. to celebrate im going to bust out my flyest Jnco’s, the one with the red checkered racing stripe down the back. so dope dawg.

perhaps i should recount last months shows since we played a bunch. heres a bunch of random factoids:

the bar tenders at the moose lodge are very nice. pollution is the best band playing right now. zack has smoothed out the wrinkles in his brain by huffing an unexplained chemical and it now resembles an egg floating in his head. the tarp at metal joe’s house remains effective. ron had cool purple pants. long pigs is the punkest band. we still play too loud. and of course congrats to natty law for a siq new rock n roll seven inch… boo-ya.

in other spit related news, we are about four deep into this lp and working pretty steady on that. sounds like a cross between manowar and strawberry switchblade. theres a bunch of new jams on deck and hopefully we can track this fucker before summer time. the next tour is lookin like april, and we should have new pressing “psychrockbullshit” lps and cds by then thanks to the good people at tankcrimes records. we have a few tour pressings left so get in touch if you want one. new t shirts soon too, and we still have the old ones so… ya know.

on a personal note, we all remain quite aloof and anxious for the next ringo starr lp.

also if for some reason you would like us to play your show you can email us here:


— crunch simpson and the spit players 5

steady giggin
November 7, 2010, 3:56 am
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hey we are playing a show on monday in brick, nj with unfun, shellshag, street eaters and night birds. come hang out with us. we are playing a new song because we are finally working on a new record. we are also playing the record release of natural law november 22nd, with libyans and long pigs. that also means we are playing two shows in a row with bung blood punk champions long pigs.


touch me im spit
October 22, 2010, 6:14 am
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razorcake gave the kicking spit/ stymie split seven inch another review in this months issue. this time by editor todd taylor. it makes us seem a lot cooler than we really are:

“Let’s begin with saying that melodic Midwest punk with heart and punch is becoming a sound that’s far larger than its original geography. It’s also a destination with a legacy that includes the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Mary Tyler Fuckin’ Moore, Dillinger Four, and Selby Tigers. Put that in a blender and down with a raw egg. Kicking Spit: From “St. Paul” New Jersey. In that microsecond prior to “grunge” getting a name, like the first Mudhoney single, shit was super tight and Kicking Spit expand it like taffy with a Dinosaur Jr. finger. Stymie: From “Minneapolis,” New Jersey. Who’ll give Dear Landlord a run for the money by out-”Dear Landlording” them. It’s music about honesty, rust, “trailer parks of the mind,” and weathering storms. Both sides build on one another. Progress through fucking up on a daily basis. –Todd Taylor (Cowabunga)”

in other spit news, the “psychrockbullshit” ep/lp should be seeing a full release on TANKCRIMES records  pretty soon thanks evil genius head honcho scott karate. there will also be a cd version, which marks the first time we have released something on that medium (for those of you who may be into that sort of thing).

we are also writing new music that should come out on various singles, splits, and LPs so thats cool i guess.

i have been listening to lots and lots of danzig I and II so thatll probably be an influence because danzig is badass.

we have some local shows coming up with bands that are cool. most of these bands consist of individuals even more degenerate and derelict than our dumb asses. we are probably going to be doing some out of state weekends then a west coast tour when shit gets warm again.

we still have a bunch of tour “psychrockbullshit” EP/LPs left over of  the limited to 150  release on depleated resource records/ tankcrimes. we are sold out of tapes, there will probably be more soon. we havnt had any stymie splits in a while either but i think there are still some left floating around the internet. we still have yellow “giraffe” and white “dogoat” shirts too.  go here to buy stuffs:

trip at the brain if ya know what im sayin,

–dale nixon

Shows shows shows
October 21, 2010, 2:17 pm
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Hey, some shows upon the horizon:

Monday, November 8
Brick Moose Lodge, 149 Mantoloking Rd, Brick, NJ

Night Birds
Shellshag (Brooklyn)
Street Eaters (San Fran)
Unfun (Vancouver)
Kicking Spit
Mr. Snake


NEON BLUDD (Noisey Noise Noise Jr. Shabadoo —
POLLUTION (New York City’s weirdest)

Wednesday, November 17



LONG PIGS – ( “Bung Punk”–
SECRET POLICE – RD, Wario and the gang
+ a hardcore band from finland im not allowed to post about on the internets until they land is the US (border shit i think). dont worry they are raddddddddddddddddddd