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Our Yearly Update
August 22, 2013, 8:47 pm
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Hi Everybody!

Here are our tour dates for the next week:

August 22 — Ray Cappo’s Cantina, New Brunswick, NJ
with Black Wine, Biblethumper, Brick Mower, Trash Ride, and 3Jane

August 23 — Death By Audio, Brooklyn, NY
with Shellshag, Black Wine . Nuclear Santa Claust

August 24 — Casa Fiesta, Washington, DC
with Mobius Strip, Joy Buttons, and Aloners

August 25 — Skullfest, Pittsburgh, PA
with Asylum, Paranoias, and Dirty Work

August 26 — Gnarnia, Chicago, Il
with Per Aspera, OK Sara, and L. Mounts

August 27 — Quarters, Milwaukee, WI
with Salted, Strange Matter, and Failed Mutilation

August 28 — The Bunker, Grand Rapids, MI
with Pagan Piss and No Bails

August 29 – Parts and Labour, Toronto, Canada

August 30 at Luneta Cafe, Ottawa, Canada
with Organ Eyes, Yes, Please & Thank You, and Chain Rule

August 31 – Spaced Mountain, Boston, Mass
with Meth Valley, Fleabite, Julius Earthling

September 1 – The Glitterbox, Buffalo, NY Aaron and the Burrs, Black X, and Fleshy Mounds

September 2 – Golden Tea House, Philadelphia, PA

And, hey, our new record Negative Feedback comes out next week on Don Giovanni Records. Pre-order it here:

See you next week!

West Coast Tour
August 21, 2012, 1:42 pm
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The appropriate time to post our tour dates has past, but that doesn’t mean we can’t post them late! So, without further adieu, save for this last adieu, here are our Summer 2012 West Coast Tour dates, featuring members of Kicking Spit and their rock guitars.


24 – Friday : LONG BEACH. @ Alex’s Bar. 2913 E. Anaheim St. w. The Shrine, Dirty Ghosts, Zig Zags, Kicking Spit. doors at 8 pm.

26 – Sunday: LOS ANGELES. @ Bootleg Bar. 2220 Beverly Blvd. w. Ararm, Brass Bed, The Blank Tapes, Kicking Spit, Mossbreaker. doors at 7 pm.

27 – Monday: POMONA. @ Aladdin Jr. 296 w 2nd St.

28 – Tuesday: SANTA CLARA. @ The Kitty Castle. 487 Gianni St. w.Bascom, Venkman, Kicking Spit, Deadpressure. doors at 6 pm.

29 – Wednesday: SANTA CRUZ. @ 412 Market St. w. Owl, Kicking Spit, Ted’s Approval.

30 – Thursday: OAKLAND @ Eli’s Mile High Club. 3629 Martin Luther King
Jr Blvd. w. Raised by Zebras, Kicking Spit. doors at 6 pm.

31 – Friday: VENTURA @ “downtown ventura” w. Catholic Spit, The Shrine, Kicking Spit, Action Index, The Sustains, No Yeahs. doors at 6 pm.


1- Saturday (Day): OAKLAND.@ Casa Sandonista. 3120 Martin Luther King. w. Owl, Pig, Kicking Spit. doors at 3 pm.

1 – Saturday (Night): FRESNO. @ Thunderdome. 69 E Belmont Ave. w. Born Loser, The Genectics, Kicking Spit. doors at 7:30 pm.

2 – Sunday: OAKLAND. @ 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. 420 40th St. Suite #5. w. Estranged, Red Dons, Kicking Spit

So there you have it. Fresh from the horse’s shoes, a tour that will be gone on by three. Hope to see you there! 

You might even hear this song: 

Update? Let’s not push it.
July 11, 2012, 10:08 pm
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So, this a pretty classic band blog happening. Six months go by and no word. Did the band breakup? Are they on the road? Are they at their day jobs? Probably a little of all three, but for Kicking Spit, pure, American laziness is culprit.

Well, sort of. We’ve been hard at work on our LP for the past six months, cultivating demos, drum takes, and unusable vocal harmonies for you, our dear listener. When will the record be out, you ask. Hard to say, really. We’ve been working on it for three months–three times four is 12–carry the two…the fall? Though, I refuse to give a year. Let’s suffice to say, Fall ‘1?. Deal? Deal.

In the meantime, check out a song that was written last year for a very special someone.

Anyway, I didn’t want to leave you empty handed so over the next few weeks, we’re going to posting some demos from Negative Feedback on here and our Bandcamp, so that you can hear faster, more punk versions of what will be our LP. Quality ranges from the cool to the pretty terrible, so luckily quality control will be handled internally. Apologies to anyone that really wanted to hear us embarrass ourselves. I’m sure you’ll have the opportunity to do so soon.

Speaking of out of state shows, we’re heading back out west this summer with Hesh daddies The Shrine. Dates will be posted as soon as details are set, but rest assured, their will be electric guitar music played. Should be weird. Be there! Yeah.

Yo, man, ding-dong, man.
January 16, 2012, 11:49 pm
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“Amber is the color of your energy.”

Drummer of Kicking Spit (1985)

Much is a brewin’ in the world of Spit, which, for the time being, we will be referring to as Earth Prime, because what else would we refer to it as?

First and foremost, we have a new record out! Yes, really! The new single for our forthcoming Negative Feedback LP entitled Reality Dropout is available at our webstore or through TankCrimes. But, if you’re the type that wants to hear the two tracks before you buy them, you can check out both tracks at Who says we’re not tech savvy? Late Cyber Monday deal if there ever was one.

Next, despite the world’s collective, and frankly rude, New Year’s resolution to never see or hear from us again, we’ve been booked on a number of shows over the next couple of months. You know the drill. Carefully scroll down the page with your finger and scan using those beautiful baby blues. God, they really are nice eyes. You’re probably really successful and cool, too. More compliments at these shows:

January 27, 2012 at The Acheron, 57 Waterbury St., Brooklyn, NY 11206

With Nuclear Santa Claust, Artificial Limbs and Ain’t Rights

February 17, 2012 at Askapunk, New Brunswick, NJ

with Artifical Limbs, Bible Thumper, Plastic Cross, Snowdonia — LOCALS ONLY, BRAH

February 24, 2012 at Askapunk, New Brunswick, NJ

With Nuclear Santa Claust, Silent Way, Psychic Teens, Appendix

March 16, 2012 at Askapunk, New Brunswick, NJ

With Dry Feet (Philly)

That catches us up on shows for now. Be on the lookout for some more records and a European tour over the next year or so. Who knows, this might be the year that you (yes, you) step away from our rarely updated blog and go see Kicking Spit!

tour was cool, heres some shows and shit
November 5, 2011, 2:30 am
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west coast tour was sick. big thanks to everyone who helped us out, we had a fucking bl’ast.

now that we are home, we have some shows. here are some of them:

saturday nov 5,
8 pm
@ the charleston, 225 east 34th st ny, ny
w. NUCLEAR SANTA CLAUST (record release!), sexy crimes, dino’s boys

thursday, november 10
7 pm
@ the alamo, new brunswick, nj
w. FACE THE RAIL (tankcrimes), appendix

wednesday, november 16
8 pm
@ Saint Vitus Bar, 1120 manhatten ave, brooklyn ny
w. TOTAL CONTOL (australia), nude beach

friday, december 2
7 pm
@ Ray Cappo’s Cantina, new brunswick nj

hopefully soon we will have some copies of our new single “reality dropout”. until then you can check it out on our new bandcamp:

we also have some new (green!) tapes of “psychrockbullshit” thanks to the good folks at lets pretend records

if you want some merch or you want us to play some show, hit us up. we are getting better at getting back to people. this is our email:

and i dont know how many times we can mention this but pretty soon we are going to have a brand new lp out on tankcrimes called “negative feedback”

until next time:

“fuck you, my friend. fuck you very much”


the spit

west coast tour, other shows, and stuff
September 21, 2011, 11:44 pm
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In less than a month we will see you on the west coast. With any luck, we will have our new single “Reality Dropout” with us on the road.

Here’s a somewhat updated version of our tour route:


14, Friday – PORTLAND @ Laughing Horse Books. 12 ne 10th street. w/ Autistic Youth, Defect Defect

15, Saturday – VANCOUVER @ Alf House. 1342 E Georgia. w/ Spectres, Genetic Decay

16, Sunday – TACOMA @ The New Frontier Lounge. 301 E 25th St. w/ Devotion, Silver Snakes, Hands of Toil

17, Monday – DRIVIN’

18, Tuesday – SAN FRANCISCO @ The Hemlock. 1131 Polk Street. w/ Owl, Huff Stuff Magazine

19, Wednesday – BAKERSFIELD @ Narducci’s. 622 E 21st St. w/ Buffalo Season, The Blacksmiths

20, Thursday – POMONA. @ JOEYS BBQ. 117 w.2nd St. w/ Horror Squad, Dudes Night

21, Friday – BAY

22, Saturday – SAN FRANCISCO @ Fivepoints Arthouse. 72 Tehama St. w/ Wildmoth, Joy Ride, Face the Rail

23, Sunday – OAKLAND @ Eli’s Mile High Club. 3629 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd

…. if you want to help out with tour in any way you can email us at

also these are our upcoming regional shows….

Monday, September 26th- 8pm – All Ages
@ Acheron
57 Waterbury St
Brooklyn, NY


EASY ACTION – From Detroit, Featuring John Brannon of Negative Approach
KICKING SPIT – Hardcore Punk from New Brunswick
FOSTER CARE – Hardcore punk, members of Ex-Humans

Saturday, October 1st – 8pm – 21+
@ Bruar Falls
245 Grand
Brooklyn, NY


DEAF WISH – Australian Punk
LIEUTENANT – Punk from Upstate New York
KICKING SPIT – From New Brunswick

Saturday November 5th

@ Charleston
174 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY

w. NUCLEAR SANTA CLAUST (record release!), Sexy Crimes

Friday November 11th

@ The Alamo, New Brunswick NJ

w. FACE THE RAIL, Silent Way

…… back in july our song “nothin left” was played on “The Best Show on WFMU with Tom Scharpling” which plays tuesdays 9 pm -midnight on 90.1 fm. we are pretty stoked on this, radio waves get bl’asted into space and they just keep going and going.

check out: episode 7/19/2011

“Negative Feedback” LP coming soon on Tankcrimes.

hello again
July 8, 2011, 9:46 pm
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looks like its been a while since we’ve made a post. guess its time to update the loyal reader of this blog with all things spit.

writing for the new “debut” lp is getting dangerously close completion. we have been playing a lot of new songs live so as you know the new songs sound somewhere between madball’s “demonstrate my style” and dead can dance “into the labyrinth” with just a hint of wierd al’s classic “dare to be stupid” thrown in for good measure. should be a real shit show. tracking will probably commence before the end of the summer, headaches and screaming to follow. by the intervention of unexplainable cosmic mercy this will reach the punk masses via the wonderful friends at Tankcrimes records.

our ep on lp “psychrockbullshit” also mysteriously garnered some positive words from real world print magazines, so far i have seen it mentioned in punk mainstay maximum rock n roll and headbanger rag “decibel” (the issue with morbid angel on the cover… sick). we still have a handful of records left and you can order it from

tape versions of “psychrock” have been out of print in the old us of a for about nine months, but will soon be made available again through bloomington, indiana’s own Let’s Pretend Records, a label run by a cool guy named pete who you may be familiar with by releasing records by dead dog, screaming females and full of fancy.

i am pretty sure there are still european versions of the tape floating around the EU on Rad Stuff records, but i have never actually seen a copy myself.

we have a bunch of shows coming up too. here are the ones we know the most about right now. as texas butt kicker chris ulsh has been noted to say “when the giggin’s good, aint nothin sweeter”.


sunday july 10th

@ asbury lanes, 209 4th ave asbury nj

w. star fucking hipsters and skelptarsis


tuesday july 12th

@ the alamo, new brunswick nj

w. wiccans (tx), monitors (al), lost weekend, biblethumper


friday july 29th

@ legion bar, 790 metropolitan ave, brooklyn ny

w. hank wood and the hammerheads…. happy bithday mr danny brooklyn!


there will be more shows announced real soon, and hopefully we can hang out or something if you dont think we are all that weird. personally, i cant wait to see WICCANS but mostly because guitarist dan “spice channel” ziegler is finally going to return all those issues of mad magazine matt thompson lent to him last summer.

in other spit news, we still have shirts and stuff too. we will sell you them or our dignity at upcoming punk shows. there are also stickers, but only tankcrimes has those right now.


we are planning on coming to the west coast , for REAL this time in october. hit us up if you want us to play your western city. if we stay at your house we promise not to stay over too long or wake your roommates with our horrific night terror induced screams. we are much more well adjusted, socially, these days i think.

email us !

thats really it for now. here are two images to keep you busy:


until next time,