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July 8, 2011, 9:46 pm
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looks like its been a while since we’ve made a post. guess its time to update the loyal reader of this blog with all things spit.

writing for the new “debut” lp is getting dangerously close completion. we have been playing a lot of new songs live so as you know the new songs sound somewhere between madball’s “demonstrate my style” and dead can dance “into the labyrinth” with just a hint of wierd al’s classic “dare to be stupid” thrown in for good measure. should be a real shit show. tracking will probably commence before the end of the summer, headaches and screaming to follow. by the intervention of unexplainable cosmic mercy this will reach the punk masses via the wonderful friends at Tankcrimes records.

our ep on lp “psychrockbullshit” also mysteriously garnered some positive words from real world print magazines, so far i have seen it mentioned in punk mainstay maximum rock n roll and headbanger rag “decibel” (the issue with morbid angel on the cover… sick). we still have a handful of records left and you can order it from

tape versions of “psychrock” have been out of print in the old us of a for about nine months, but will soon be made available again through bloomington, indiana’s own Let’s Pretend Records, a label run by a cool guy named pete who you may be familiar with by releasing records by dead dog, screaming females and full of fancy.

i am pretty sure there are still european versions of the tape floating around the EU on Rad Stuff records, but i have never actually seen a copy myself.

we have a bunch of shows coming up too. here are the ones we know the most about right now. as texas butt kicker chris ulsh has been noted to say “when the giggin’s good, aint nothin sweeter”.


sunday july 10th

@ asbury lanes, 209 4th ave asbury nj

w. star fucking hipsters and skelptarsis


tuesday july 12th

@ the alamo, new brunswick nj

w. wiccans (tx), monitors (al), lost weekend, biblethumper


friday july 29th

@ legion bar, 790 metropolitan ave, brooklyn ny

w. hank wood and the hammerheads…. happy bithday mr danny brooklyn!


there will be more shows announced real soon, and hopefully we can hang out or something if you dont think we are all that weird. personally, i cant wait to see WICCANS but mostly because guitarist dan “spice channel” ziegler is finally going to return all those issues of mad magazine matt thompson lent to him last summer.

in other spit news, we still have shirts and stuff too. we will sell you them or our dignity at upcoming punk shows. there are also stickers, but only tankcrimes has those right now.


we are planning on coming to the west coast , for REAL this time in october. hit us up if you want us to play your western city. if we stay at your house we promise not to stay over too long or wake your roommates with our horrific night terror induced screams. we are much more well adjusted, socially, these days i think.

email us !

thats really it for now. here are two images to keep you busy:


until next time,



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