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October 22, 2010, 6:14 am
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razorcake gave the kicking spit/ stymie split seven inch another review in this months issue. this time by editor todd taylor. it makes us seem a lot cooler than we really are:

“Let’s begin with saying that melodic Midwest punk with heart and punch is becoming a sound that’s far larger than its original geography. It’s also a destination with a legacy that includes the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Mary Tyler Fuckin’ Moore, Dillinger Four, and Selby Tigers. Put that in a blender and down with a raw egg. Kicking Spit: From “St. Paul” New Jersey. In that microsecond prior to “grunge” getting a name, like the first Mudhoney single, shit was super tight and Kicking Spit expand it like taffy with a Dinosaur Jr. finger. Stymie: From “Minneapolis,” New Jersey. Who’ll give Dear Landlord a run for the money by out-”Dear Landlording” them. It’s music about honesty, rust, “trailer parks of the mind,” and weathering storms. Both sides build on one another. Progress through fucking up on a daily basis. –Todd Taylor (Cowabunga)”

in other spit news, the “psychrockbullshit” ep/lp should be seeing a full release on TANKCRIMES records  pretty soon thanks evil genius head honcho scott karate. there will also be a cd version, which marks the first time we have released something on that medium (for those of you who may be into that sort of thing).

we are also writing new music that should come out on various singles, splits, and LPs so thats cool i guess.

i have been listening to lots and lots of danzig I and II so thatll probably be an influence because danzig is badass.

we have some local shows coming up with bands that are cool. most of these bands consist of individuals even more degenerate and derelict than our dumb asses. we are probably going to be doing some out of state weekends then a west coast tour when shit gets warm again.

we still have a bunch of tour “psychrockbullshit” EP/LPs left over of  the limited to 150  release on depleated resource records/ tankcrimes. we are sold out of tapes, there will probably be more soon. we havnt had any stymie splits in a while either but i think there are still some left floating around the internet. we still have yellow “giraffe” and white “dogoat” shirts too.  go here to buy stuffs:

trip at the brain if ya know what im sayin,

–dale nixon


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