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Summer Lovin’
June 9, 2010, 12:39 am
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Because the band has become so hopelessly inept at producing news worthy enough of posting on our own blog, I am going to make up a number of events that are 100% definitely happening, maybe. Just kidding; they’re happening whether you like it or not, Jeff.

Firstly, I’m happy to announce that our début cassette Psychrockbullshit is for sale once again through Tank Crimes Records. You can buy one of these sterling beauties by clicking right about here. The repress is limited to 100; so, if you’re like me and spend all of your parents hard-earned money on punk cassettes, then you’ll love this item.

In other Tank Crimes related news, the label has also been nice enough to agree to release our upcoming LP as well as a vinyl version of P.R.B.S., the latter which will hopefully be ready for tour in one form another.

Speaking of tours, we have some local shows coming up before our foray into the dangerous world of month-long tours of the continental United States. Check it out:

Monday, June 14th $5/8pm at the Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ

Fantastic descriptions by Mr. Ron Berry.

“Rock music created by beings that could hardly be considered human.” Brand new act with a record out on Tank Crimes. First show since the earlier part of spring. Two thirds mems of Seasick. One third Matt Thompson. Playing late 90s style Husker Don’t / Dinosaur Senior type shit. You will like it.

“”It’s dissonant, anguished, and melodic all at the same time… I really didn’t think bands like this existed anymore beyond the fantasies of art-school weirdos who THINK they sound like this and instead just give me migraines…” – Fistfight At the Arthouse

…features Roger King on guitar and vocals, Kurt King on guitar, Bill Mcreary on bass, and Nick Castro on drums. Roger, Kurt and Bill were previously in the early 90’s influenced emo rock band, THE PINE. REACHING AWAY started in the summer of 09’ after THE PINE had a 5 year hiatus. Bill continued on with other bands including LOSER LIFE, while Kurt moved to Fresno and Roger took on film making. The strike is over, the boys are back together, and the result is REACHING AWAY. Deep lyrics about a man struggling with life changing decisions, and an acoustic band to back up every word. The bridge is being built…”

“Yep, this is a blast from the past alright, a salute to the glorified heyday of true emo, the time of thick framed glasses, nerdy pull-overs and single coloured hair. Of this there can be no doubt, as that aesthetic emanates thickly from the (purposefully) dodgy production, the fuzzy warm guitars and the often off-tune vocals. And even more so from the dynamics that seem to be PF’s trademark, alternating between quietly plucked strings backing hesitant singing, and noisily distorted outbursts with unapologetic, sentimental wailing.” –

“Since October ’09, brick mower has been making it difficult for others to hear the band’s name pronounced correctly over phone lines. “Frick blower?” is a general response from someone on the other end, and other pronunciations of such nature. This is usually followed by, “What does it all mean?” Bloody hell, what does it all mean, anyway? brick mower is also a functioning band.”

this thing will be taking place in the main, upstairs bar at the court with all the ~courteous~ staff, and the more ~intimate~ atmosphere, so please make yourselves at home on this fine day of jingoism.

Thanks, Ron!

Saturday, June 26 at the Warren American Legion Hall

Super heavy rock music from the guys who brought you a Melvins fan and disagreeable comments.

Zhenia Golov
On the eve of their new child Proscription’s birth, Zhenia Golov will fade quietly into the night. Only a few shows left to check them out, and you’ll be happy you did if you like Punk.

Man vs. Wild
Power violence, mosh insanity. Good times.

Friday, July 16 $5/6pm at Ask a Punk, NJ

Knifey Spoony
Featuring members of Jean Claude Jam Band. Cool punk with a tinge of country that doesn’t suck, because it seems as though the band likes the Minutemen and Husker Du. If you’ve played “knifey spoony” before then you know how dangerous/hilarious it can be.

Big Eyes
Local power-punkers make good upon realizing the benefits of Cheap Trick and Runaways. A confusing description for a confusing band.

Saturday,  July 17 at the Boneyard
, NY
Knifey Spoony
Big Eyes

In addition to these super cool shows coming up, we’re also be playing your town — that’s right, YOUR TOWN — as we make our trek across these United States. Check out the dates below for some information lacking fun:


Thursday, August 12 — New Brunswick, NJ

Friday, August 13 — Baltimore, MD

Saturday, August 14 — Pittsburg, Pa

Sunday, August 15 — Athens, Oh

Monday, August 16 — Columbus, Oh

Tuesday, August 17 — Bloomington, In

Wednesday, August 18 — Chicago, Ill

Thursday, August 19 — Madison, Wi

Friday, August 20 — Minneapolis, Mn

Saturday, August 21 — Winnepeg, MB, Canada

Sunday, August 22 — Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Monday, August 23 — Calgary, AB, Canada

Tuesday, August 24 — Vancouver, BC, Canada

Wednesday, August 25 — Portland, Or

Thursday, August 26 — Chino, Ca

Friday, August 27 — Oakland, Ca

Saturday, August 28 — San Fransisco, Ca

Sunday, August 29 — Long Beach, Ca

Monday, August 30 — Riverside, Ca

Tuesday, August 31 — San Diego, Ca


Wednesday, September 1 — Phoenix, Az

Thursday, September 2 — Driving

Friday, September 3 — Denton, Tx

Saturday, September 4 — Austin, Tx

Sunday, September 5 — Ft. Worth, Tx

Monday, September 6 — Oklahoma City, Ok

Tuesday, September 7 — Driving

Wednesday, September 8 – Birmingham, Al

Thursday, September 9 — Athens, Ga

Friday, September 10 — Chattanooga, Tenn

Saturday, September 11 — Raleigh, Nc

Sunday, September 12 — RVA

Monday, September  13 – Baltimore, Md

Tuesday, September 14 — New Brunswick, NJ

Specific details will be posted as they arrive, but if you think you could help out in any of these places, it would be greatly appreciated.

Until next time, stay warm summer friends!

– Climp Clampclong


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