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The 25th Hour
March 15, 2010, 5:57 pm
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So, with hour 25 quickly approaching, I thought it only proper that I make one more post bumping our tour itinerary to the very top of the page. I know that for the average Spit blog follower this is a retread of things already known, but think of it as a rebirth for a new generation–like that warm feeling you get when you find out your favorite movie is being remade. Without anymore fanfare, here’s some garbage:

Wednesday, March 17 – Meat Towne, New Brunswick, NJ w/ Screaming Females, Big Eyes

Friday, 19th – The Boneyard, Brooklyn, NYC w/ Stupid Party, Big Eyes, Kick Kick Punch, We Like it Loud

Saturday 20th – Hellhole, Boston, Mass w/ Choke Up, the Scamps

Sunday 21st – Flying Squirrel DIY space, Rochester, NY w/ Love Pork, White Guilt, Loudmouth, Ordinary Men and Women

Monday 22nd – Oddfellows Hall, Albany, NY w/ Buddy Cops

Tuesday 23rd – 30/30 punk house Pittsburgh, PA.

Wednesday 24th – Gallery 5, Richmond, Va w/ Sundials, Little Master, Bogus Machine

Thursday 25th – Little King’s Shuffle Club, Atlanta, Ga w/ ADD/C and Hot New Mexicans

Friday 26th — Fort Mayhem, Tampa, Fla w/ Y Los Dos Pistoles, Us Wasted

Saturday 27th – TWO SHOWS!

 Day show: Wayward Council, Gainesville, Fla

Night show: Nobby’s, St Augustine, Fla

Sunday 28th – The Fire House, Birmingham, Al w/ P.S. Eliot and the Jacki Sullivan Rock Explosion

Monday 29th – Kent House, Raleigh, NC

Tuesday 30th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRIDGE! TBA, Washington, DC

Wednesday 31st – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! The Golden West, Baltimore, Ml w/ Crimes, The Wayward

Thursday April 1st – Ask a Punk House, New Brunswick, NJ w/ NEON BLUD, Seasick

Friday 2nd –  The Fucking Discovery Zone, New Haven, CT w/ Estrogen Highs

Saturday 3rd – Kowabunga House, Philadelphia, Pa w/ Big Eyes and a “Perry Shall band.”

We certainly are playing on a number of birthday’s, yet surprisingly Gore was not included in any of them. Happy Birthday, Gore! May your next year be as filled with complaints as the last twenty-two years.

P.S. Here’s a present for everyone: Cake – Prolonging the Magic

See you soon, East Coast.


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