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Minor Occurances in the Spit Universe
March 3, 2010, 3:20 am
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With only about two and half weeks before our next foray into certain failure, the Spit (as no one calls this band) are finally getting a number of long gestating projects in line for a March 17th launch date.

As was recently announced by myself, Matt Thompson, our debut disc of polyvinyl chloride finally arrived at the doorstep of one P. J. Bronzoni on the morning of February 26. Having only heard the test press myself, I cannot vouch for the official product—although, I am encouraged to praise its brilliance. Curiously, however, I have not been informed where you, our most beloved consumer, can buy the record, but would venture to say the best bet would be to contact the label directly at Cowbunga Records or simply purchase it from us, the Spit, at an exclusive acoustic in-store performance.

Still find yourself empty and alone with only some of your Spit needs fulfilled? Well you can purchase this record on different format packaged with four other songs, on the peculiarly titled tape PsychRockBullshit. For the time being, no mail order has been set up for this particular release, so the first run of 100 will be sold exclusively at shows until our return.

While I’m sharing all the glorious news with the reader across the world, I am pleased to announce the receiving of a UPS tracking number on the tapes. Nevertheless, if you’re one of the many, many throngs of non-listeners who can’t possibly wait until the scheduled delivery date of March 8th, then feel free to download the tape here and bask in the in glow of the wonderful mastering performed by the splendiforous Doc Labyrinth (who comes highly recommended  and can be reached at:

Finally, and possibly most disturbingly, our tour dates are finally about finalized. You can read the list below, so you will know where not to be in the coming months.


Wednesday, March 17 – Meat Towne, New Brunswick, NJ w/ Screaming Females, Big Eyes

Friday, 19th – The Boneyard, Brooklyn, NYC w/ Stupid Party, Big Eyes, Kick Kick Punch, We Like it Loud

Saturday 20th – Hellhole, Boston, Mass w/ Choke Up, the scamps

Sunday 21st – Flying Squirrel DIY space, Rochester, NY w/ Love Pork, white guilt, loudmouth, ordinary men and women

Monday 22nd – TBA, Albany, NY w/ buddy cops

Tuesday 23rd – 30/30 punk house Pittsburgh, PA.

Wednesday 24th – Gallery 5, Richmond, Va w/ Sundials, Little Master, Bogus Machine

Thursday 25th – Little King’s Shuffle Club, Atlanta, Ga w/ ADD/C and Hot New Mexicans

Friday 26th- Fort Mayhem, Tampa, Fla w/ Y Los Dos Pistoles, Us Wasted

Saturday 27th – House Show, Gainesville, Fla

Sunday 28th – The Fire House, Birmingham, Al w/ P.S. Eliot and the Jacki Sullivan Rock Explosion

Monday 29th – Lunchbox Records, Charlotte, NC

Tuesday 30th – HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRIDGE! TBA, Washington, DC

Wednesday 31st – HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAIGE! The Golden West, Baltimore, Ml w/ Crimes, The Wayward

Thursday April 1st – Ask a Punk House, New Brunswick, NJ w/ NEON BLUD, Seasick

Friday 2nd –  The Fucking Discovery Zone, New Haven, CT w/ Estrogen Highs

Saturday 3rd – Kowabunga House, Philadelphia, Pa w/ Big Eyes and a “Perry Shall band.

That about wraps things up for now, but if you continued to miss every signifier as where you can download the tape, please direct your eyes towards the bottom of the screen as you scroll and click on the fantastic artwork of Perry Shall.

Live long and prosper,

Matt Spockman




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