Kicking Spit

To whom it may concern…
February 1, 2010, 6:46 pm
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Dear Sir or Madam,

Some fairly inexplicable occurrences have been brought to my attention, which if continually ignored will result in the untimely death of you, even with new advents in the field of elixir, tonic, and/or adhesive, my faithful conspirator. It’s obvious that throughout the course of new journeys, it can only be assumed that looking ahead to what approaches is in the best interest of any young adventure, and you are no exception. The never-ending fear of attack is instinctual, primal, and, above all, necessary. Therefore, it is with a heavy heart that I inform you, our most gracious of guests, to such future occurrences occurring in the month of February.

An unexpected turn of events has placed the Alabamanian quartet, P.S. Eliot on track for New Brunswick in about one fort night from now. Named after the famed literary mountebank, it is almost certain that this traveling band of miscreants will be looking to swindle an unsuspecting dunderhead out of their weekly earnings. Luckily for you, brave reader, they will hopefully kept at bay behind their stolen instruments. If you wish to bear witness to this preposterous exposition of aural malfeasance then please join us:

February 12 @ Meat Town, Punk City, NJ

P.S. Eliot (Alabama’s most dangerous vaudevillian scoundrels)

Kicking Spit (New Brunswick’s answer to the question, “Why?”)

Plus 1 or 2 TBA

While that may be awarded the most desperate and dangerous of future anxiety, even further off into the horizon trouble awaits.

February 21 @ Bosnia, Punk Town, NJ

Full of Fancy (Whom recently announced an upcoming phonographic record of Lorenzo Da Ponte’s libretto “Don Giovanni.”)

Deep Sleep (Baltimore’s latest brain and nerve tonic. Users claim it’s delicious.)

Secret Police (So, secret. No recordings have yet been obtained)

Kicking Spit

Speaking of recordings, our very own trio of rapscallions will once again be entering the basement of our infamous captor Sir Stokus Eggleston, for a maniacal four-song recording. Soon, all six recordings will be made available on one low-cost cassette entitled “Psych Rock Bullshit” on “Rad Stuff Records” just in time for our early Spring travels, for which I do not have the dates. Keep holding on, they will soon be read, preferably in this space on near future correspondence.

Also, still coming soon, is a joint venture between ourselves and Texas stalwarts, Stymie. More on that as it develops.

It is with my sincerest hopes that this letter reaches you in time, for time is but our enemy in this twirling game of musical Twister (or is it Parcheesi? I’ve lost this analogy. Sorry.)

Until more news is available, stay safe.

Yours everlastingly,

Cinnamon Dukakis

For any further information regarding these or other events, please email us at


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