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January 22, 2010, 6:42 pm
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Emphasis on the groove, or maybe not, I’m not sure what I mean by groove. Either way, I’ve been forced by the higher-ups in the Spit conglomerate to give our adoring fan (most likely the author of this post) the latest news of the day (which he already knows, because he’s typing it). Unfortunately, most of the news I have to report to myself is bad news, a fact that I’ve already come to terms with, because, well, I already knew and had time with it.

First, we will not be performing at the February 5th Silent Way record release show. I know this comes as a great shock to some, but the show will probably only benefit without our brand of guitar tomfoolery.

The show is February 5th at the Courthouse with Nimdock, Silent Way, The Squid, Bloodzone, and Chambers. Ask a punk for the address, unless that punk doesn’t know the address, because if he were a real punk he would be passed out in glue filled nirvana, not worrying about Earthly desires like music and chain wallets.

Next, we will play at least one show in the new year, which be at Bosnia of all places on February 21 with Full of Fancy, Deep Sleep, and Art Students. This show should be show-like in appearance, but train wreck-like in execution. So, if you are interested in live action rubber necking, this event might be for you.

Additonally, we will have a vast array of new and exciting products for our East Coast tour. The first of these being our split with “TXOS” punk rock band, Stymie. So, at least on this inital offering, half the record will not only be audible, but enjoyable!

But, wait, there’s more! Two of the tracks from that record will also be featured on six song cassette entitled “______” which we’ll hopefully have tour versions of by March, followed by a proper release in the US and Poland(!).

Various other goodies can be expected, hopefully in the realm of snuggies for your dog and your snuggie!

Tour dates are still rolling in, but given that we are unable to do anything without the guidance of our spiritual adviser, Randal Krantz (RIP), we’re a bit slow on finalizing them. As soon as we know something, I’ll be sure to let myself know. It will be between March 19 and April 2, so don’t make plans!

I believe that wraps things up for right now, although this post will undoubtedly be met with hostility due to the missing information. For this, I apologize now. Or maybe I don’t. I guess in the end, all that matters is that this post will have to do until I can muster up the courage to take a stance on either the Late Night wars or Avatar.


Matt Thompson (for real this time)


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